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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Help us Win This Thing – The Mozilla Firefox Challenge | Every Mother Counts

Help us Win This Thing – The Mozilla Firefox Challenge | Every Mother Counts

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Every Mother Counts Staff
November 28, 2012
As you travelled with us to Uganda last week, some of you asked, “How can we help?”  Wouldn’t you know it, as soon as you asked, the answer popped into our inbox.  We’ve been invited to join the Mozilla Firefox challenge! 
Mozilla Firefox is giving away $50,000 to the fundraiser that raises the most money, $30,000 to the one that wins the second most, and $20,000 to the one that receives the third most.  You know we love a good challenge and with your help Every Mother Counts could win this challenge for moms!  We’re putting our money where our mouth is too: Every Mother Counts will match the first $10,000 raised. In addition, four lucky contributors will win one of the following prizes:
◦              A signed  Starbucks EMC CD
◦              A signed “No Woman No Cry” DVD
◦              Oiselle EMC t-shirt 
◦              ErgoBaby EMC bag
Now, I know we ask for a lot from you guys and you’ve always stepped up and been champions. Why should you donate to this project?
  • Because we’re your favorite charity
  • Because it’s an early gift-giving opportunity and a way of getting a jumpstart on Giving Tuesday - next week’s big international response to Black Friday and Cyber Monday that promotes giving gifts of support to non-profit organizations in lieu of things like holiday sweaters and snowglobes.   
  • Because it’s a bargain.  For $22, your donation can purchase a “Mama kit” for a mother in Uganda.  When mothers arrive at a birth center in labor ready to have their babies, this kit guarantees that the supplies needed to ensure a safe delivery are there. A Mama kit includes basic essential supplies women need to deliver safely. As an extra bonus, a Mama Kit comes with a baby kit that includes a clean blanket to wrap baby in.  Here’s what a mama kit includes:
      • -Soap 
      • -Cotton and gauze
      • -Plastic sheet (for labor)
      • -Disposable gloves
      • -Surgical gloves
      • -Surgical blade
      • -Cord ligatures
      • -Tetracycline eye ointment
      • -Baby blanket and sheets
      • -Child health card
      • -Polythene bag to hold medical records
  • Because this challenge goes through January 10th, just in case there's anyone you still need to give a  gift to after the holidays  
  • Because you’re as committed as we are to using every opportunity possible to make Every Mother Count and make it safe for mothers around the world to give life.


Saturday, December 22, 2012

Press Release: Newtown Tragedy: NAMI Condemns NRA Position as "Outrageous and Wrong"

Newtown Tragedy: NAMI Condemns NRA Position as"Outrageous and Wrong"

ARLINGTON, Va., Dec. 21, 2012 -- Michael J. Fitzpatrick , executive director of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) has issued the following statement:
"The National Rifle Association (NRA) response to last week's tragedy in Newtown Connecticut -- in which 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School were killed -- is outrageous and wrong.
The NRA has called for putting more guns in schools and creating a bigger list of people treated for mental illness -- which presumably includes civic leaders, teachers who take prescriptions for anxiety or depression, police, fire fighters and veterans returning home from Afghanistan.
The NRA posed the question 'How many more copycats are waiting…A dozen more killers? A hundred? More? How can we possibly even guess how many, given our nation's refusal to create an active national database of the mentally ill?'
One in four American adults experience a mental health problem in any given year, yet the U.S. Surgeon General determined over a decade ago that 'the overall contribution of mental disorders to the total level of violence in society is exceptionally small.'
Law already exists requiring states to report the names of people 'adjudicated as mentally defective' to the National Instant Background Check System (NICS). It has never been properly implemented because of confusion surrounding the highly stigmatizing term "mentally defective" and the uncertain meaning of 'adjudicated.'
After the Virginia Tech tragedy in 2007, NAMI recommended that Congress clean up existing law by adopting standards consistent with modern medical knowledge and clear legal procedures. We continue to support that approach.
When violence occurs, it is usually because something has gone terribly wrong in the mental health care system.
We must address the fact that less than a third of Americans who have a diagnosable mental illness are able to get treatment. The NRA's proposal to create a bigger "active" national database will only discourage people reaching out for help. Stigma will be imposed. Stigma will be internalized. Stigma will turn into prejudice and discrimination.
NAMI condemns the NRA position. We hope the NRA instead will join others in seeking positive, workable, appropriate solutions. NAMI stands ready to work with the President, Congress and states to accomplish that end."

My Comment: 

I completely agree with NAMI. Having a national data base for the Mentally Ill opens up discrimination against those who truly struggle but are not violent. Are we to have segregation all over again? Not with African Americans, but with those who have mental health issues. They might as well make us sew a giant "M" to our chest so "normal" people can see us coming and step to the left on the sidewalk because we might kill them.  Should we have a national data base for Muslims because some of them are terrorists? Should we have a national data base of white men because some of them are serial killers? Should we have a national data base for African Americans because some of them are in gangs? It's completely ridiculous. The children of the Sandy Hook tragedy may grow up with symptoms of trauma... Are we to put them in the data base as well, when they are the very children that we hope to protect? Think about what you are suggesting NRA... It will only bring more discrimination and fear of those with mental health issues. Besides, if someone really wanted to get a gun and was blocked from getting one through normal channels, nothing is stopping them from getting one off the street. Then they can kill whomever they want, and no one would have any control over it. Think before you speak NRA.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Coping With Grief During the Holidays

Coping With Grief During the Holidays

New Article: Prevalence and risk factors of childbirth-related post-traumatic stress symptoms

BMC Pregnancy Childbirth. 2012; 12: 88.
Published online 2012 September 3. doi:  10.1186/1471-2393-12-88
PMCID: PMC3512536

Prevalence and risk factors of childbirth-related post-traumatic stress symptoms



There is evidence that traumatic birth experiences are associated with psychological impairments. This study aimed to estimate the prevalence of childbirth-related post-traumatic stress symptoms and its obstetric and perinatal risk factors among a sample of Iranian women.


This was a cross-sectional study carried out in Bushehr, Iran during a 3-months period from July to September 2009. Data were collected from all women attending eleven healthcare centers for postnatal care 6 to 8 weeks after childbirth. Those who had a traumatic delivery were identified and entered into the study. In order to assess childbirth-related post-traumatic stress, the Post-traumatic Symptom Scale-Interview (PSS-I) was administered. Data on demographic, obstetric and perinatal characteristics also were collected. Multivariate logistic regression was performed to examine the association between childbirth-related post-traumatic stress and demographic and obstetric and perinatal variables.


In all, 400 women were initially evaluated. Of these, 218 women (54.5%) had a traumatic delivery and overall, 80 women (20%) were found to be suffering from post-partum post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Multiple logistic regression analysis revealed that post-partum PTSD was associated with educational level, gestational age at delivery, number of prenatal care visits, pregnancy complications, pregnancy intervals, labor duration, and mode of delivery.


The findings indicated that the prevalence of traumatic birth experiences and post-partum PTSD were relatively high among Iranian women. The findings also indicated that obstetric and perinatal variables were independently the most significant contributing factors to women’s post-partum PTSD. It seems that a better perinatal care and supportive childbirth might help to reduce the burden of post-partum PTSD among this population.

Read full article here:  Prevalence and risk factors of childbirth-related post-traumatic stress symptoms

In times of tragedy

In this time of national mourning for the victims of the Sandy Hook Tragedy, my heart goes out to the families of those who were senselessly and brutally murdered on December 14, 2012. Needless to say the children and school staff who witnessed this horrifying act of violence may deal with symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder in the coming weeks and months. My heart goes out to them as they may have nightmares and flashbacks of the event. I pray for them and pray that they are not ashamed to ask for help with their feelings. Please hug your children and thank God for them and that they are safe.

Dr Phil featured survivors from the Sandy Hook tragedy on his program on December 17, 2012, He stresses the importance of talking about what happened and how you feel about the events of that day.

This is from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA):

Disaster Distress Helpline Offers Immediate Crisis Counseling
Call 1-800-985-5990 or text "TalkWithUs" to 66746.
The recent shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, continues to bring out strong emotions across the Nation. The Disaster Distress Helpline, 1-800-985-5990, can provide immediate counseling to anyone who needs help in dealing with the many issues and problems that might arise from this tragedy.
Sponsored by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), the Helpline immediately connects callers to trained and caring professionals from the closest crisis counseling center in the nationwide network of centers. Helpline staff will provide confidential counseling, referrals, and other needed support services.
The Disaster Distress Helpline is a 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week national hotline dedicated to providing disaster crisis counseling. The toll-free Helpline is confidential and multilingual, and available for those who are experiencing psychological distress as a result of natural or man-made disasters, incidents of mass violence, or any other tragedy affecting America's communities.
Our texting service also is available to Spanish speakers. Text "Hablanos" to 66746 for 24/7 emotional support.
TTY for Deaf/Hearing Impaired: 1-800-846-8517
The Helpline also can be accessed online at