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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Childbirth support group

Childbirth support group | Gympie News | Local News in Gympie | Gympie Times


SAFETY, nurturing and bonding in a variety of childbirth situations is the ideal but sometimes it seems something goes amiss.

Betty Smith, a midwife with 40 years’ experience, says while many women welcome and adore their beautiful babies they struggle with unresolved feelings of frustration and anger as a by-product of this life-transforming event.

Ms Smith is initiating a Gympie-based support group focusing on “healing the trauma after pregnancy and birth”.

The midwife says for many women giving birth is the most memorable and empowering event of their lives. For others, who often suffer silently, the experience is nothing short of traumatic.

“For these women,” Ms Smith says, “the experience is certainly memorable but for very different reasons.”

Feelings of feeling physically and emotionally traumatised are not uncommon. And many feel they are the only one to have ever felt like this after having a baby.

What they hear is “you’ve got a lovely baby out of it what are you worrying about?”

Ms Smith says with help, women can work through many of their emotions and anxieties around their birthing experience.

“How women feel about their births is important,” she stressed. “Trauma and pain stemming from giving childbirth can persist for years or even decades if not addressed.

“It’s just now becoming validated. It can even be a post-traumatic stress disorder,” she said.

Women, their partners or support people who feel there are unresolved issues in relation to the birthing experience are invited to come along and join the support network.

Meetings are free and start on Tuesday, May 17, at 7.30pm at the Women’s Health Centre at 21 Alfred St and then the third Tuesday of each month.

For more information ring the health centre on 5483 6588.


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