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Friday, May 13, 2011

*The Big Push for Midwives Campaign's Petition to ACOG*

It's International Midwives Day! And, what better way to honor midwives
(and Mothers, too) than by signing

*The Big Push for Midwives Campaign's Petition to ACOG*

The Big Push Steering Committee is delighted to announce that we have
created a Petition to be sent to ACOG to demand that they end their war on
midwives and out-of-hospital birth. We have been working with our friends at to develop the Petition. The best part is that every time
someone signs the petition, ACOG gets an email message. So, everyone, come
join us. Please go to this link to read and sign our petition:

Women's Rights Petition: Tell Big Medicine to Stop the War on Midwives and
Out-of-Hospital Birth |<>

After you sign,

PLEASE, PASS THE PETITION ON to your state yahoo or google groups and
facebook pages.

Let's go viral fast!

Wishing you all have a nice PUSHy Midwives Day today!
Your Big Push Steering Committee: Katie, Jane, Steff, Susan, Pam, Rebecca,

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Ohio mothers deserve the option of licensed providers when they choose to
birth at home.

Jodi Kluchar

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