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Friday, November 26, 2010

Join the Birth Trust!

Are you committed to changing maternity care?

At the 2010 MANA Conference in Nashville, FAM launched the Birth Trust. We have decided that YOU should choose who receives grants to advance midwifery and the gentle birth movement. The Birth Trust is a transparent fund  where its Birth Trustees vote on grant-making every year. Birth Trustees make a minimum contribution of $33 a month for one year in order to vote. 

We are advertising the Birth Trust to the readers of MotheringMidwifery Today, and we plan to reach out to doulas, childbirth educators, lactation consultants so that this effort is not limited to the financial resources of midwives alone. We must do this together.

For about a $1 a day, don't you want a say in the projects that promote midwifery policy, research, access, and public education? Make your voice heard! Join us!

If you become a Birth Trustee by 12/31, we will mail you a Birth Trust T-shirt! Include your size: M, L, XXL in the comment section. 


We have found nearly 100 Trustees, and are well on our way to our goal of 250 trustees for its first year. This would mean $100,000 to grant to midwifery causes. Midwives at the beginning and peak of their career, students, friends, and family have signed on for change in maternity care.

The midwifery movement has never lacked passion or ideas, merely the financial resources to enable them. Let's change that!

Please forward this email to those you know who are passionate about midwifery. If every one of you who subscribe to our newsletter became or found a Birth Trustee, we would have $336,000 to grant.

Our collective power to change is immense. Please join us!


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