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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Home birth trauma

On Behalf Of Janelle Komorowski
Sent: Sunday, January 16, 2011 9:24 AM
Subject: Re: [solacesupporters] Re: Home birth trauma

Dear Solace Mothers,

I am a certified nurse-midwife with 25 years experience working in both in
and out of hospital settings. I am scheduled to speak at the annual
nurse-midwives' meeting in May on the topic of postpartum PTSD. I will be
speaking to about 1000 midwives, and I want to be able to emphasize to them
that this is a problem in midwifery, too, not just in mainstream obstetrics.

I am looking for stories from women who have experienced birth trauma with a
midwife. All stories are welcome, but I'd especially like to hear from
anyone who has had a home birth that they experienced as traumatic.

One question I will be trying to answer when I speak to the midwives is,
"What can we do to make this situation better?" I have found a lot of
information in the literature about preventing postpartum PTSD by the way
you interact with the laboring woman, but I have found little information
that discusses how to help when a true emergency occurs and there is little
time to discuss what's going on. Are there ways that we, as providers, can
respond appropriately to the emergency situation while minimizing trauma to
the laboring woman?

Anything you tell me will remain anonymous. Thank you in advance for
sharing your experiences with me, and teaching me.

Janelle Komorowski

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