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Friday, February 18, 2011

North Carolina Friends of Midwives: Action alert

Subject: ACTION Alert
We are working on securing sponsorship for our bill. The legislators below are the ones we are hoping to get as sponsors. If you live in the county represented by any of the legislators listed below, PLEASE e-mail and/or call the legislators below letting them know that:

- NC needs Certified Professional Midwives (CPMs) to be licensed here like they are in VA, SC, and TN

- It is a safely issue because many NC homebirthing families do not have access to midwifery care

- Include any details about why it is important for your family

- Ask them to please sponsor legislation licensing and regulating CPMs

Also, please forward this action alert to friends, clients, etc…who might live in one of the counties listed below asking them to write to legislators.

Thanks! Let's get this done in 2011!

Amber Craig

Here are the senate legislators we are asking for sponsorship or co-sponsorship:

NEW HANOVER: Senator Thom Goolsby -; 919) 715-2525

CUMBERLAND: Senator Eric Mansfield -; 919) 733-9349

GREENE, PITT, WAYNE: Senator Louis Pate -; (919) 733-5621

Here are the House legislators we are asking for sponsorship or co-sponsorship:

GASTON: Representative Bill Current -, 919-733-5809

DURHAM, PERSON: Rep. Wilkins -, 919-715-0850

WAKE: Rep. Nelson Dollar -, 919-715-0795

DAVIE, IREDELL: Rep. Julia Howard -, 919-733-5904

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