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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hospital helped Dawn to stop hearing voices and enjoy her life as a mother

ALL Dawn Doleman needed to do was fill her baby's bottle – yet this simple domestic task seemed almost impossible.

Trapped in a pit of depression, she stood in her kitchen overwhelmed by the voices in her head.

She was in the grip of a crippling mental illness. All emotions – except fear and misery – had been erased, leaving her feeling no love for her newborn son.

She had stopped washing herself and slept for just an hour-and-a-half each night.

The 40-year-old, of Porters Lane, Oakwood, said: "It was as if someone was shouting in my head all the time, telling me things were bad and horrible.

"I couldn't even count how many scoops of formula I was putting into Christian's bottle. I'd get to about two and lose track. I had to keep throwing it away and starting again.

"I was like a miserable zombie in a shell of a body that used to be mine.

"I wasn't planning my suicide but I couldn't have gone on and I was at the stage where I didn't want to be here."

It was an illness which had struck suddenly and unexpectedly after Dawn fell pregnant for the second time.

A happy-go-lucky person until then, she had thoroughly enjoyed raising her first son, Jacob.

She had dealt head-on with trauma in her life, including the death of her mum and the break-up of her previous marriage.

But as soon as she found out she was pregnant again she started to panic about how she would cope once the baby was born…

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