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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Marce/PSI conference abstract submission deadline April 1

International Marcé Society Conference 2010 – Call for proposals, deadline April 1.

The Marcé Society, ( with our partners from Postpartum Support International, PSI ( ) envisions a world in which perinatal mental illnesses are prevented and cured.  To dovetail with the strategic plan of NIMH, the Marcé Society conference will be organized according to the plan’s aims.  The four themes of the strategic plan have been adapted to structure the program content (  1) Promote discovery in the brain and behavioral sciences to fuel research on the causes of perinatal mental disorders; 2) Chart perinatal mental illness trajectories to determine when, where, and how to intervene; 3) Develop new and better interventions that incorporate the diverse needs and circumstances of women with perinatal mental illnesses and their families; 4) Strengthen the public health impact of NIMH-supported research for women with perinatal disorders and their families.  Elaboration of these themes is presented below.  We are now accepting abstracts in this broad group of topics --- Deadline April 1, 2010!

Link to Submit Abstracts

President Katherine L. Wisner, M.D., M.S., has selected the overarching theme of the Marcé Society 2010 meeting: Perinatal Mental Health Research: Harvesting the Potential. Thanks to Dr. Vivette Glover (UK) who has agreed to chair the abstract review committee. Structured abstracts will be considered (deadline April 1st 2010) for the following Presentation Formats:

Oral Paper Presentations may be submitted by individuals. Sessions will consist of 20 minute presentations followed by discussion, and will be incorporated into a symposium with related papers. If papers are not accepted for oral presentation, they will be considered for poster presentations

Symposia may be submitted. A chairperson must be named. The symposium must contain four paper, 20 minutes in length, with a 10 minute discussion period led by the Symposium chairperson. The Chair may also present a paper. An overall abstract for the symposium, which provides the basis for the selection of papers, must be provided along with abstracts for each paper.

Special Interest Group. This is a new format for the meeting that provides an informal discussion opportunity; no slides are allowed! Two organizers must be named to lead a discussion of a novel (not usually included in Marcé meetings) topic of interest to the membership. All members will be welcome to join the discussion.

Posters. Posters are visual displays of program descriptions, research findings, clinical information or other topic content of interest to the Society.

Tentative Topic Areas

· Tuesday, 26 October 2010    Educational In-service by PSI

· Wednesday, 27 October 2010 (pre-conference workshops):

Interpersonal Psychotherapy for Perinatal Depression                        

Sustaining Postpartum Support Networks                  

Evidence-Based Pharmacotherapy during Pregnancy  

Interpersonal and Social Rhythms Therapy during Childbearing              

Perinatal Mental Health–Concept Development to Funded Research (Modeling of an NIH Study Section Review)          

Starting Your Program in Perinatal Mental Health 

Opening Keynote Lecture 1  

· Thursday, 28 October 2010:

Contributions of Perinatal Mental Health Research to the Field of Psychology

Contributions of Perinatal Mental Health Research to the Field of Psychiatry

Perinatal Mental Health Research and Infant Behavior Disorders: Strategizing to Optimize Early Development   

Biopsychosocial Contributions of Fathers to Pregnancy Outcome

· Friday, 29 October 2010:

The Lived Experience of Postpartum Disorder                   

Antidepressants/Antimanic Agents during Pregnancy

Prenatal Antidepressants and/or Depression on Offspring Development

Vertical Transmission of Risk from Caregiver to Infant    

· Saturday, 30 October 2010:

Marce Medalist Presentation

The Channi Kumar Lecture

FDA’s Pregnancy Labeling: Improving Prescribing Information

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