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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Can We Compare Birth Days to Wedding Days?

Can We Compare Birth Days to Wedding Days? | Being Pregnant


You would never hear someone say to a bride who had her wedding completely ruined… Well, at least you have a healthy marriage… Right?   I mean, I have seen situations where there were car accidents, hospital visits, or God forbid rain on a wedding day… and not once would someone have the audacity to say something like that… I am kind of guessing that kind of comment would end up as fighting words.

But in the case where a mother has a scary, or emergency delivery… even when medically necessary… the first comment a lot of people come out with is… at least you have a healthy baby! Like it is come kind of consolation prize for a bad experience.

Today in childbirth we are learning that many common practices can cause complications in birth. While all do not believe this necessarily certain studies over time have shown examples. Such as labor induction increasing the risk for fetal distress and a cesarean delivery.  Below is one of my favorite examples of what can happen...


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