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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Natural birth experts told to push off

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London - Kirstie Allsopp has made a scathing attack on natural childbirth experts, accusing them of stigmatising women who have Caesareans.

The TV presenter, whose two sons were delivered by the procedure, claimed that she and thousands of other mothers were being made to feel a “failure”.

She criticised the National Childbirth Trust for being “reckless” in not providing enough information about C-sections in its antenatal classes, which are attended by 100,000 couples every year.

Miss Allsopp said that while pregnant she had even been advised by some natural birth advocates to “ignore” doctors’ advice and try to give birth without medical intervention.

Figures show that more than a quarter of all babies are now delivered by Caesarean, up from just 9 percent 30 years ago. The rates are far higher in more affluent areas of the country, including parts of London and the South-East - which natural birth advocates claim supports the notion that some women are now “too posh to push”...


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