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Friday, September 4, 2009

Care Plan After a Cesarean Birth


By: Constance Rock & Aleksandra Evanguelidi
Published: Thursday, 3 September 2009

Recovering from a cesarean birth requires much attention and support in order for you to heal properly and within a shorter period of time. A cesarean birth is traumatic to the tissues, muscles, and fascia, and to your emotional body as well. Most women express the after-effects of the experience as like being “hit by a train.” However, following these instructions and nutritional guidelines can truly make the difference in quickening up the healing process and having you feel better physically and emotionally.

Try to refrain from bending over, going up and down stairs, lifting or pulling, or exerting force of any kind for a least one week postpartum. The recommendation is to stay in bed for a two-week period, eating a diet of very nourishing warm teas and soups, the richer the better. Avoid cold beverages or foods that can constipate you like pasta and bread.

Natural Ways to Help You Heal
All of the supplements mentioned below can be taken for any length of time and do not affect breast milk in any negative way…

Care Plan After a Cesarean Birth

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