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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Midwives: A Safe, Cost-Saving Alternative | CommonHealth


Peggy Garland, a certified nurse-midwife and Coordinator of the Massachusetts Coalition for Midwifery, says the state acts against the interests of women and mothers by limiting access to midwifery services:

Did you know that almost a quarter of all hospital discharges involves maternity care (mother and newborn)? That six out of fifteen of the most common hospital procedures involve maternity care? That Cesarean section is the most commonly performed surgery? Why are so many procedures being performed on essentially healthy people? It’s the same reason behind sky-rocketing costs in all other sectors of health care: reimbursement is procedure-driven…

Consider this:

In 2006, in Massachusetts there were 26,141 Cesarean sections (out of 77,670 births.) If we could reduce this surgery by 1% we would experience a cost savings of nearly $1.5 million. Boston itself provides a good example of the magnitude of the potential cost savings: the three Boston hospitals with the most midwife-attended births saved the Commonwealth nearly $3 million in Medicaid reimbursements in 2006 by reducing Cesarean sections, compared to the Boston hospitals that had few midwives…

Midwives: A Safe, Cost-Saving Alternative | CommonHealth

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