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Monday, September 14, 2009

ICAN eNews

In the news

Do women choose or consent to caesarean delivery?

University of Technology Sydney professor and registered midwife Jennifer Fenwick discusses her research finding that fear is a predominant motive for women to have a cesarean section. Her research indicates that "most women were in favour of natural birth until convinced otherwise." Read Full Article.

The great caesarean section debate

Ireland's cesarean rate has risen significantly in the last 15 years and the cause for this trend is undetermined. Dr. Jo Murphy-Lawless identifies four possible reasons, including the "use of foetal heartbeat monitoring" and the "perception that Caesarean section is a safe and trouble-free intervention."Read Full Article.

Midwives: A Safe, Cost-Saving Alternative

Massachusetts nurse-midwife Peggy Garland weighs in on the high cost of maternal care and the access to midwifery care in the state. Read Full Article.

In the research

Outcomes of planned home birth with registered midwife versus planned hospital birth with midwife or physician

Study indicates that a planned home birth attended by a registered midwife is as safe as a hospital birth. Adverse maternal outcomes and infant trauma proved lower in the homebirth group than the hospital group.  Read Full Article.

Decision making in patient-initiated elective cesarean delivery: the influence of birth stories

Exploratory study examines the motives of women who choose an elective cesarean delivery without medical indication. Paramount to the decision making process for many women are birth stories from friends, family, and the media.  Read Full Article.

Quality and equality in obstetric care: racial and ethnic differences in caesarean section delivery rates

A University of California research project shows that racial disparities in cesarean section rates exist. Read Full Article.

From the women of ICAN

Benefits of Cesarean? Think Again!

The women of ICAN respond to an anonymously written article from The Pregnancy Zone which touts cesarean birth as a safe procedure that is also painless, easy, and private. Amber Piller of ICAN in Omaha highlights the errors and misconceptions represented in The Pregnancy Zone's article. Be sure to read the comments and responses from other ICAN members as well! Read Full Article.

Informative Birth Videos

Watch three birth-related videos, including one that compares cesarean birth to a vaginal birth after cesarean. Read Full Article.

Get active!

Upcoming Webinar: Journey to VBAC

Gretchen Humphries will host the first part of this two-part webinar series on September 27th at 9 pm EDT. The issues surrounding vaginal birth after cesarean will be addressed and common questions such as "Am I a good candidate for a VBAC?" will be answered. This event is free to ICAN subscribers! Read Full Article.

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