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Sunday, February 28, 2010

[Bulk] This Week on My Best Birth: Laila Ali’s Birth Story, Ricki Lake at CIMS, Abby Epstein’s VBAC and More...

My Best Birth Newsletter

February 28, 2010
Dear  Jodi,

February has been a fantastic month for us at My Best Birth.  We’d officially like to welcome our new Web Administrator and Marketing Director, Lynn Wolf, to the team.  Click here to see Lynn’s profile or contact her about advertising on our site.

Ricki just returned from the CIMS Forum in Austin, so check out her report below.  Abby is keeping warm in snowy NYC nursing her 4-week-old baby, Pietro, and blogging about his birth.

We are almost at our goal of 10,000 members so keep spreading the word!


Abby, Ricki, Lynn & the My Best Birth team

A New Celebrity Birth Webisode Premieres on My Best Birth: Laila Ali

Following up our popular webisode series featuring Cindy Crawford, Melissa Joan Hart and Alyson Hannigan, we are excited to bring you exclusive excerpts from the birth story of professional boxer and television host Laila Ali! Laila’s planned home birth was switched to a hospital birth because of growth concerns about her baby.

We interviewed Laila and her amazing doula Ana Paula Markel about her birth journey and we are thrilled to bring you their story on My Best Birth!  Starting March 8th, Laila and Ana Paula will host an online forum on our website to answer your questions.

Please click here to watch Part I now!  This two part series is sponsored by Hypnobabies, hypnosis for childbirth.

Ricki Lake Attended the CIMS Mother-Friendly Childbirth Forum in Austin, TX Last Week
(left to right) Deja Bernhardt, Robbie Davis-Floyed, Ricki Lake, Debra Pascali-Bonaro
(left to right: Deja Bernhardt, Robbie Davis-Floyd, Ricki Lake, Debra Pascali-Bonaro)
On Friday, February 26, Ricki was keynote speaker at the Coalition for Improving Maternity Services (CIMS) Forum and Annual Meeting. She was also presented with the Sharron S. Humenick Award!  Please click here to read Ricki's latest blog post, and hear all about her weekend in Austin, TX!

Congratulations to Abby Epstein on the Birth of her Second Baby!

On February 3, 2010, Abby gave birth to her baby boy, Pietro! Congratulations to Abby Epstein, Paulo Netto and big brother Matteo! Please click here to read Abby's latest blog post, the first installment of her birth story. 

A Warm Welcome to Our New Sponsors
Welcome our new sponsors Momzelle, featuring cute, eco-friendly nursing tops, and The First 8 Days of Being a Mom, an absolute must read for any new or expecting mother. We'd also like to welcome Hypnobabies, hypnosis for childbirth.  Thank you for supporting My Best Birth!

We have so many phenomenal members of our community!  Many of you are actively posting interesting blogs, articles and discussion forums, and we would love to start featuring you!  This week we are featuring Kim Nelli. Kim and her husband James coach pregnant moms on how to nurture happier, healthier babies; they are founders of and authors of soon-to-be-released book "Super Baby". Check out Kim's latest blog post about Environmental Dangers and Childhood Illness. If you would like to become a featured member, write a blog post and host a discussion forum, please contact for more information.

News From the World of Childbirth
Certified Nurse Midwives were recently barred from delivering at St. John's Pleasant Valley Hospital, in Ventura County, CA.  Please click here to read more, and find out how you can take action.

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