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Monday, February 22, 2010

Online Survery: Tell Citizens for Midwifery What We Can Do Better!

Posted by: "ariellecg"
Mon Feb 22, 2010 10:51 am (PST)

Grassroots Network Message 100107
Online Survery: Tell Citizens for Midwifery What We Can Do Better!

Dear Friends,
As part of our exciting transition, with new leadership and an expanded
board ahead of us, we at Citizens for Midwifery are also thinking about
how we can better focus our work to serve our members and friends: you!
Please help us out by taking our online survey (information below). You
can participate any time over the next two weeks, and the results will
help inform CfM's mission and goals as we move forward.
Thanks so much for your time! We really look forward to hearing from
Arielle Greenberg Bywater, "sidekick"
Citizens for Midwifery Survey
Citizens for Midwifery is conducting a survey. Please check it out at
As Susan transitions into retirement this year, CfM is taking this
opportunity to evaluate our communications, products, services, and
membership. We'd like to identify what we are doing really well,
and what value CfM brings to our members, supporters and the public in
general. We'd also like to know what we could do better as we grow
as an organization. So please take a few minutes and visit our survey at We want to hear your voice.
Thank you.

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