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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Help Jenny's Light Win $6,000 With One Click!

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Janus Charity Challenge



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One of Jenny's Favorite Quotes...

“Prove to yourself that you can do it. Prove that you were always who you thought you were, not who they said you had to be.”
                                                                                    - Rachel Snyder


Announcing The Janus Charity Challenge People's Choice Awards





Janus is offering a $20,000 charity prize purse to be divided between five charities based on the number of votes each receives by 5pm central time on October 1st. Make your voice heard by CLICKING HERE to cast your vote today.


After clicking on one of the red "Vote Here" links, please look for our name on the ballot and vote for us.  It will look like:


Jenny’s Light, supported by BECKY LAVELLE
Raises awareness and understanding of perinatal mood disorders, such as postpartum depression, both for women and families, and the providers that treat them.


Thank you for your continued support!!



Those who are serious about the sport of triathlon, compete. Those who are passionate about it, compete to win. The Life Time Triathlon Series Race to the Toyota Cup attracts some of the best and most competitive triathletes in the field. But there’s more to this competition than most people know. This year, five professional triathletes racing to the Toyota Cup will be motivated by more than just a place on the podium. They’ll be racing for a charitable cause they feel deeply about and a chance to further that cause.


As ambassadors of the sport and champions for charity, these pro triathletes have been invited by Janus, a Denver-based global investment company, to compete for a special $20,000 charitable prize purse. Introduced this year as part of the Janus Charity Challenge, Janus’ successful charitable fundraising program, this competition is unique in that it is the voice and choice of the people that determines which pro and which charity wins.


Appropriately billed the Janus Charity Challenge People’s Choice Awards, this contest is a test of altruism, not athleticism. Here’s how it works:

•  Each of Janus’ Pro Athlete Partners has identified the charity they are most passionate about. 

•  Anyone and everyone can vote for the athlete or charity that inspires them most. 

•  The $20,000 charity prize purse will be divided among all charities based on the number of votes each athlete/charity receives by October 1st, the day before the Toyota U.S. Open Triathlon in Dallas. 


To show your support, simply CLICK HERE and cast your vote today!


Whether it’s the athlete or the charity that inspires you, a vote for your favorite competitor can make the world a better place, and the race a better race. 


1st place award:  $6,000
2nd place award: $5,000
3rd place award:  $4,000
4th place award:  $3,000
5th place award:  $2,000


Janus Capital Group Inc. is a global asset manager offering individual investors and institutional clients complementary asset management disciplines. Janus Capital Management LLC serves as investment adviser.


Social Communities



We currently have over 7,800 members of our Jenny's Light "Cause Page" and have raised over $30,000!  

Special thanks to everyone who has donated on Facebook as well as those who've raised money through the Facebook birthday fundraising application. If you have a Facebook profile, please join our cause, set-up your own birthday fundraiser and help us grow by recruiting your friends!

Thank you for your support!!!!




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