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Friday, July 22, 2011

Help Us Send Much Needed Supplies!

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> From: Mehwish Ansari <>
> Date: Fri, Jul 8, 2011 at 3:07 PM
> Subject: Help Us Send Much Needed Supplies!
> To:
> Dear Coalition for Improving Maternity Services:
> I am writing to you on behalf of MADRE. MADRE, an international women's human rights organization, seeks to advance these rights by meeting urgent needs in communities and partnering with women to create long-term solutions for the crises they face.
> MADRE's sister organization, Midwives for Peace, is a group of Palestinian and Israeli midwives who have come together to provide in-home deliveries for pregnant women in the West Bank and Israel. This group offers a safe alternative for women in labor who do not have easy access to hospital care. We have the opportunity to send urgently needed supplies through a volunteer next week. A list of these supplies is below. We would love to speak to you about what you may be able to donate or any relationships you may have.
> These supplies will be used to create "safe birthing" kits used by the midwives during delivery. Any of the items you can provide would be greatly appreciated. The kit includes:
> Hydrogen peroxide
> Topical alcohol and alcohol prep pads
> Obstetric gel
> Scissors
> Umbilical cord clamps
> Syringe bulbs
> Sterile cotton balls
> Sterile medical masks
> Sterile gauze
> Sterile bed liners
> Sterile Latex gloves
> Sterile baby blankets and towels
> Prenatal vitamins and supplements
> Physio balls for comfortable delivery
> Maternity care reading material and birthing books
> MADRE is located in New York City. You may mail your donation to:
> Attn: Helping Hands
> 121 West 27th Street Suite 301
> New York, NY 10001
> Alternatively, you may drop off your donation at the address above during our business hours, 9:30 am – 6:00 pm.
> Thank you very much! As you know, these supplies are truly life-saving to mothers and babies.
> I hope to hear from you soon!
> --
> Mehwish Ansari | Helping Hands Intern
> MADRE: Rights, Resources, and Results for Women Worldwide
> 121 West 27th Street, #301 | New York, NY 10001
> tel. 212-627-0444 | fax. 212-675-3704

Jodi Kluchar

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