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Friday, October 30, 2009

e-CIMS News October 29, 2009


Don't Miss Ricki Lake, Judy Norsigian, Rima Jolivet, and Penny Simkin at the 2010 Mother-Friendly Childbirth Forum
Start planning now to attend the 2010 CIMS Forum in Austin, Texas, Feb. 26-27.

BoBB2CIMS proudly announces that acclaimed actress, filmmaker, family advocate and author Ricki Lake, along with 15 distinguished faculty, will address attendees at the 2010 Mother-Friendly Childbirth Forum and Annual Meeting.  Lake, an integral figure in the birthing community since the 2007 debut of the documentary The Business of Being Born and subsequent projects that encourage childbearing women to become informed maternity care consumers, has traveled tirelessly around the United States to discuss the state of the birthing "industry" in an effort to demonstrate how all parents-to-be can benefit from taking a more active role in their birth experiences.

Each year, the CIMS Forum attracts expert faculty from prestigious universities and the nation's leading childbirth advocacy organizations who present the most up-to-date maternity care research to healthcare providers, maternal-child health leaders, and passionate childbirth advocates who are eager to bring evidence-based maternity care practices back to their communities.  The information that Forum attendees gain provides an invaluable boost to their efforts to promote healthy birth practices across the nation.  The 2010 Forum Program features:

  • Hear it first at the 2010 CIMS Forum! Rima Jolivet, CNM, MSN, MPH, symposium project director, Transforming Maternity Care: A High Value Proposition, will present recommendations for achieving a"2020 Vision for a High Quality, High Value Maternity Care System" from Childbirth Connection's 90th Anniversary Symposium's Blueprint for Action. This was developed through concerted multi-stakeholder efforts to provide actionable recommendations for improvement in 11 critical focus areas in order to answer the fundamental question, "Who needs to do what, to, for, and with whom to improve the quality of maternity care over the next five years?"
  • Author and Executive Director of Our Bodies Ourselves (OBOS), Judy Norsigian, BA.  A renowned leader in efforts to improve women's health, Norsigian has lectured across the country in support of the newest OBOS publication, Our Bodies, Ourselves: Pregnancy and Birth and has taken an active role in the recent legislative efforts to improve healthcare for women and families.
  • The iconic Penny Simkin, PT, whose contributions to the childbirth literature, including Pregnancy, Childbirth and the Newborn: The Complete Guide, When Survivors Give Birth: Understanding and Healing the Effects of Early Sexual Abuse on Childbearing Women, and A Simple Guide to Having a Baby, have guided and inspired countless childbearing women and maternity care providers.
  • Nancy Lowe, CNM, PhD, FACNM, FAAN, editor of AWHONN's Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic, & Neonatal Nursing.  Lowe will present a U.S. perspective on maternity care that explores the opportunity for fundamental change through national healthcare reform initiatives.
  • Kathleen Kendall-Tackett, Michael Klein, Raymond De Vries, Henci Goer, Amy Romano, Susan Jenkins, Lisa Summers, and many more!

This program is approved by the International Childbirth Education Association (ICEA) for 13.75 contact hours of continuing education.

Nursing contact hours have been applied for through the Texas Nurses Association, an accredited approver of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center's Commission on Accreditation.

To learn more about the CIMS Forum, including program details and travel/lodging information, visit the CIMS website.

To learn more about Ricki Lake and her birth advocacy work, please visit and/or

Are Home Birth Mamas 'Hedonists'?
CIMS takes a stand for patient choice.

In response to a biased and sensationalized segment featured on NBC's The Today Show, CIMS, along with 44 co-signing organizations, reiterated their support for informed patient decision-making in a strong statement that cites the research evidence regarding the safe choices of home birth and midwifery care.
The segment, "The Perils of Midwifery" (later renamed "The Perils of Home Birth" online), which aired on Sept. 11, inaccurately implied that hospitals are the safest place for low-risk women to give birth and mischaracterized women who choose home birth as 'hedonists,' going so far as to suggest that these women are putting their birth experiences above the safety of their babies.  Neither could be further from the truth.
Read the full correspondence, including the research citations, in

CIMS' One Voice Response to The Today Show.

Take Action:

Maternity Care Is an Ideal Arena for the Adoption of Participatory Health Care Tools

With all eyes focused on healthcare reform, Amy Romano's recent blog post, A Lifetime of Participatory Medicine Can Start With Maternity Care

, gives a boost to maternity care issues at this crucial time with a message that resonates soundly with The Mother-Friendly Childbirth Initiative.  Transforming the way in which childbearing women participate in their care has the potential to substantially reduce overall healthcare costs, while also improving the health and well-being of millions of new mothers and babies each year.  The article demonstrates how women's involvement in making informed maternity care decisions can pay big dividends in terms of public health impact, quality improvement, prevention of chronic disease, cost containment, and improved health literacy.  Amy, who serves on the CIMS Grassroots Advocates Committee, adds, "Childbearing women are also an ideal population to adopt innovative participatory health care tools, because they're already online and highly connected in social networks."  The Sept. 30 post was featured on blog about Participatory Medicine that is attracting an influential readership.

CIMS' The Birth Survey: Fall Webinar Schedule

The following Transparency in Maternity Care Project: The Birth Survey Ambassador Training Webinars are planned for October 2009 -January 2010.  We are seeking an experienced volunteer to present The Birth Survey Marketing Trainings. Please contact if you are interested in serving as a The Birth Survey webinar trainer.
GACSTAT Transparency Project Ambassador Training: Demystifying and Collecting the Data:



Share the research! For a limited time, CIMS' "Evidence Basis For The Ten Steps of Mother-Friendly Care" (Journal of Perinatal Education Supplement, Winter 2007) is available for the great rate of $50/case (48 copies)!  Share this valuable resource with hospital maternity units, your childbirth educator classes, nursing and midwifery students, and legislators. Get this great rate AND FREE SHIPPING when you order by Nov. 30, 2009. Order form available at

$50/case plus free shipping offer expires: Nov. 30, 2009.

For Expectant Families

Choosing the right provider and birth facility can impact your opportunity for a successful VBAC
Many expectant mothers are considering laboring for a vaginal birth after cesarean-section (VBAC) but are not sure how to findor evaluate providers and birth facilities in their communities to maximize their opportunity for a successful VBAC.  In 1996, 28% of women with a prior cesarean delivery had a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean).  This birth option dropped 72% between 1996 and 2005 although 3 out of 4 women who plan a VBAC go on to have a successful vaginal birth.
Providers and facilities in the US are increasingly denying women the right to choose VBAC, stating that they are not equipped to provide an emergency cesarean in case of complications.  But, researchers argue that hospitals which are not safe for VBAC based on this premise are not safe for any mother in labor since

an emergency cesarean may be needed for other common unpredictable complications that may arise. 
All birthing women have a right to make informed decisions about their care.  The following resources are available to help you determine if VBAC is right for you and, if so, find facilities that support VBAC and compare VBAC success rates across the US.

Honor Birth!

Because pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period are milestone events in the continuum of life...

Belly HeartHonor Birth was created as a way for you to honor a mother, her baby, her family, and anyone who gave her strength in her amazing journey to motherhood. Who inspires your passion for Mother-Friendly Care? 

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