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Thursday, October 1, 2009

ICAN eNews

In the news

Almost half of obstetricians back C-section by request

Findings from a Canadian survey show that 42% of obstetricians believe women have a right to choose a cesarean section even when there is no medical indication for the surgery. However, only 21% of this group believes that a cesarean section is as safe as vaginal delivery.  Read Full Article.

VBAC now uncommon in Australia

The number of VBAC attempts in Australia has dropped to 19% and "unwarranted fears" are likely to blame.  Read Full Article.

Early periods linked to Caesareans

A study indicates that early onset of menarche puts women at a higher risk for a cesarean delivery. Longer exposure to estrogen and progesterone may " the function of the uterus in labour." Read Full Article.

In the research

Serial Membrane Sweeping at Term in Planned Vaginal Birth After Cesarean: A Randomized Controlled Trial

The practice of sweeping the membranes weekly has no significant impact on labor and delivery for women planning a VBAC.  Read Full Article.

Vaginal birth after two caesarean sections (VBAC-2)-a systematic review with meta-analysis of success rate and adverse outcomes of VBAC-2 versus VBAC-1 and repeat (third) caesarean sections.

Study focuses on the risks of a VB2C compared to a VBAC. The Leeds, UK research group notes a VB2C success rate of 71.1% as well as "comparative maternal morbidity" to a third cesarean. Read Full Article.

Effects of acupressure at the Sanyinjiao point (SP6) on the process of active phase of labor in nulliparas women.

The comfort measure of applying pressure at the Sanyinjiao point on the ankle reduces the severity of pain and decreases the rate of cesarean section. Read Full Article.

From the women of ICAN

Michelle Obama: Cesarean as a preexisting condition is "gender discrimination"

ICAN blogger comments on the recent statement made by First Lady Michelle Obama. Read Full Article.

Violating Women's Rights

ICAN's "Connecticutdoula" explores what should really be the issue in the so-called "Home Birth Debate." She argues that the discussion should focus on how to "reduce the maternal and infant mortality rates in the United States, as well as make all birthing options available."  Read Full Article.

ICAN Calendars are Here!

Filled with photos of those touched by ICAN, the calendar is a beautiful daily reminder of ICAN's mission. "  Order yours now.

Get active!

Upcoming Webinar: Journey to VBAC

Fathers have a role in preventing cesareans too! Part 2 of the webinar series "Journey to VBAC" focuses on how fathers can prepare for labor and the impact they have on the laboring mother. Rose St. John will host this webinar on October 4th at 9:00 pm EDT. This event is free to ICAN subscribers! Read Full Article.

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