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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A MedEdPPD Survey


Dear Colleague,
MedEdPPD is conducting a short survey to gauge interest in a potential university-based study of women of childbearing age who have a history of depression. We are asking for your help in recruiting appropriate patients from your practice to take a few moments and fill out the survey. Participation is completely anonymous and requires no personal information.
The aim of this study will be to prevent, without antidepressant medication, a recurrence of depression in women with a history of depression. Women in this program who are on antidepressant medication would taper off of it before trying to become pregnant. Clinicians will monitor study participants during pregnancy and after birth for signs of depression, and participants will be helped with selecting a non-pharmacological treatment if they become depressed. This study will begin in the clinic but continue over the Internet to maximize convenience for the busy mothers and mothers to be.
Please pass this link on to your patients or clients who you feel may have interest in such a study.

Click Here to Take the Survey

Thank you for your time and in assisting us in conducting this survey.

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