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Thursday, October 15, 2009

ICAN eNews

In the news

Acupuncture May Help Prevent Cesareans

Acupuncture during pregnancy can help decrease the chances of a cesarean. Among the other benefits of acupuncture during pregnancy, an increased chance of spontaneous labor is cited. Read Full Article.

Chew Your Way to Faster Post-Cesarean Healing

Researchers say that chewing gum can help the body heal after a cesarean. "Of most interest, the women in the gum-chewing group were discharged from the hospital an average of 9.7 hours before the women in traditional management group." Read Full Article.

Cesareans for First Time Moms Highest Among African Americans

The percentage of primary cesareans is highest among African Americans. The lead author of a Kaiser Permanente study states that this phenomenon, "cannot be explained by education, smoking during pregnancy, when prenatal care began or maternal age at delivery." Read Full Article.

In the research

Treating diabetes shows benefit to babies

A recent study shows that the treatment of even mild gestational diabetes reduces the risk of a cesarean. Study participants that received treatment had about a 7% reduced rate of cesareans than those who were left untreated. Read Full Article.

Rising trend and indications of caesareans at the university of Maiduguri teaching hospital, Nigeria.

A Nigerian study of the rising rate of cesareans at a teaching hospital explains that although the rate of cesareans increased over five years, perinatal outcomes did not improve. Read Full Article.

Pregestational Diabetes: A Risk Factor for Vaginal Birth after Cesarean Failure?

A University of Pennsylvania study indicates that women with pregestational diabetes have an increased risk of VBAC "failure" than women without pregestational diabetes.  Read Full Article.

From the women of ICAN

Arizona Mom Fighting VBAC Ban

An alarming story of a woman fighting against a VBAC ban has hit the news and the ICAN blog. 

Read the story here and post a comment.

Online Support Meeting - VBAC: The Courage to Try Again

Do you live in an area without an ICAN Chapter? Are you interested in finding even more support? You can now attend an online support meeting! The first live online meeting will take place on Monday, October 19th from 9:00-11:00 pm EDT.

Read More and Register.

ICAN Calendars are Here!

Filled with photos of those touched by ICAN, the calendar is a beautiful daily reminder of ICAN's mission. Order yours now.

Get active!

Mother-Sized Activism: Page Hospital VBAC Ban

A new addition to ICAN blogs, "Mother-Sized Activism" finds an issue and suggests "mother-sized" ways we can all help. Currently, Mother-Sized Activism has taken up the VBAC ban at Page Hospital in Arizona. With just a few minutes of your time you can make a difference today!

Get Active!

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