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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Planning for a C-Section - Tonic


By Kirk Bromley | Friday, October 23, 2009 4:00 PM ET

Whether your C-section is announced after laboring for 48 hours or you schedule one with your doctor, you want the healing process from the surgery to go as smoothly as possible.

One thing that can prevent proper healing is internal adhesions. As a result of the natural healing process after surgery, internal scars called adhesions may form on or between internal organs and/or body tissue. The occurrence of C-section adhesions can be painful and debilitating, and more of a health issue than visible Cesarean scars on the outside of your body. These internal scars may also cause complications with future C-sections and other surgeries.

Now, one company — — offers a product that can prevent this. It's called Seprafilm. It's a clear piece of film that is applied during surgery. It sticks to your internal tissues and separates your organs to help prevent them from attaching to one another as they heal during your C-section recovery. Seprafilm is made up of chemically modified sugars, some of which occur naturally in the human body. Once placed inside the body, Seprafilm becomes a gel that contours to your internal anatomy, and you will not feel its presence. You can ask your doctor to use Seprafilm during surgery.

Here's a great video on how the procedure works. also offers a free C-Section Information Kit that tells you all about the procedure and gives you a list of questions you should ask your doctor. Planning ahead for your C-Section is the best way to make sure you heal properly, leaving more time for you and your baby.

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Planning for a C-Section - Tonic

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