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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Couple launch legal battle against Dorset County Hospital

Couple launch legal battle against Dorset County Hospital (From Dorset Echo)
A COUPLE whose daughter suffered severe disabilities at birth have launched a legal battle against Dorset County Hospital.

A traumatic birth left Honey Arnold-Jones, now four, fighting for her life and she now has severe cerebral palsy.

The family has recently launched a legal fight against the Dorchester hospital, attributing Honey’s disability to failings in her delivery.

Simon and Jane Arnold-Jones admit they feel incredibly lucky to have little Honey in their lives.

And the devoted parents from Creech, near Wareham, insist theirs’ is not a sad story.

Simon said: “We have a beautiful girl who survived. It just means life is different – but it is for anyone with children.

“Our problems are just technicalities.”

Honey is every inch the four-year-old, but her complex needs mean she is unlikely to ever walk, talk or see properly.

The family’s bid for damages has only been launched to ensure Honey is supported later in life.

It was only when Simon and Jane began asking questions about the birth that they realised errors may have been made.

Their claim states Jane, 44, at the time, was not induced as planned and Honey then became asphyxiated during the birth.

Jane was also lucky to survive post-birth, and both mother and daughter subsequently spent many weeks in hospital.

“I’ve always been a great believer in the NHS, but there has to be accountability,” says Simon.

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