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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Parents sue doctors after baby's death

Parents sue doctors after baby's death | Louisiana Record
Two Louisiana parents are accusing the doctors who delivered their baby of causing his death.

Ashley Robinchaux and Harris Irvin, individually and on behalf of their deceased son, filed suit against the state of Louisiana, through the Louisiana State University Medical Center, Health Sciences Center and the Medical Center of Louisiana at New-Orleans University Hospital Campus, the Administrators of the Tulane Educational Fund June 23 in Orleans Parish District Court.

Robinchaux and Irvin argue that a cesarean section delivery was needed but was not performed. They say the physicians who delivered the baby also failed to perform appropriate resuscitation techniques after the birth.

Two other LSU resident physicians are accused of not providing the newborn with adequate oxygenation via bag and mask ventilation during their prolonged intubation attempts. According to the suit, the baby was eventually intubated, by a respiratory technician, ten minutes after delivery.

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