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Monday, July 5, 2010

Use Of Doulas Sparks Debate At Columbus-Area OB-GYN

Use Of Doulas Sparks Debate At Columbus-Area OB-GYN | NBC 4i


Catie Mehl is a certified birth doula. She says she helps women and their partners during the labor and birth process with emotional and physical support. "We suggest position changes, we offer suggestions on different comfort techniques, we help with breathing, we just help them to feel a little bit more comfortable during the birthing process," she said.

Mehl helped Margaret Murphy with the birth of Murphy's daughter three years ago. At the time, Murphy was a patient at Kingsdale Gynecologic Associates, which no longer uses doulas.

"Because I did have such a good experience, it disappoints me that other women that go through that practice will not have the option to have that experience again," Murphy said. "I would never birth a child without a doula, ever. So that affects me in the choice I make and in the practice that I select for my next child," she said.

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