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Monday, July 5, 2010

Thoughts on Birthrape

Thoughts on Birthrape « Birth a Miracle Services
Women, mothers, girls, please! Protect your bodies! Birth leaves you vulnerable, which is good, but you must choose your care provider with extreme caution! If you are hesitant about your doctor or midwife prior to birth, if you find yourself defending him or her but know deep down you can’t trust them, listen to your intuition! Respond to that voice inside you because pregnancy is the only chance you have to choose birth attendants who will protect you in your vulnerability. You can’t protect yourself while you’re giving birth. That’s how you end up with the fight or flight response causing your labor to not start or to stall or your baby’s precious heart to show signs of stress during labor – because you don’t feel safe! Please, listen to your birthing voice and obey it. It may not be easy to change care providers like this woman did (also see June Favorites), but you’ll thank yourself during and after your birth.

If you have experienced birth rape, felt manipulated or cheated, or forced to do something you didn’t want during your birth, please read this post, and talk to someone about it. You don’t have to protect your abuser, and it is good to stand up for yourself.

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