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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Biomed Middle East » Caesarean A Risky Affair For Mothers

Written By: snigdha on January 14, 2010 0

Since time immemorial, natural birth was considered the best way to deliver a baby as it offered limited complications and faster recovery for mothers. Until five years back, the thought of a C-section was met with trepidation and mothers tried their best to go with what nature predestined as the best route to a healthy delivery. However, with the emergence of a new section of women labelled as those who are ‘too posh to push’, the option of bypassing a natural birth process for a simple cut-and-sew caesarean is being widely embraced.

A C-section, which was earlier performed only in case of emergency, is now being seen as a convenient form of delivery. In a country like India, 25 per cent of babies delivered are done so using a C-section. Of this number, 18 per cent of the surgeries are elective. However, a new research has now stated that C-sections that are unwarranted will leave mothers with at least 10 times more the risk of going into intensive care than those who gave birth naturally. That figure shot up to 67 times more likely to go into intensive care where labour had already started when the surgical delivery began…

Biomed Middle East » Caesarean A Risky Affair For Mothers Biomed Middle East

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