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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A message to all members of CIMS GAC Ambassadors

CIMS GAC Ambassadors

High Impact Birth Activists....Together Making Mother-Friendly Care a Reality

We are excited to announce the launch of the State-by-State Project, an endeavor that we will kick off at the coming CIMS Forum in Austin, TX
on Feb 26-27.

The State-by-State Project enables leadership on the Grassroots Advocacy Committee to zero in on three promising states at a time to
ensure access to statistical data from each state’s Department of Health,
heightened awareness of the Birth Survey, further population of the survey
database, and fundraising for the Transparency Project.

Our first three lucky chosen ones are Texas, California, and Florida.
If you’re a volunteer from one of these states, your Regional
Coordinator will be in touch with you soon about your role in the
State-by-State Project. And of course, no
matter where you’re from , we encourage you to register for and participate in
the upcoming forum:

Visit CIMS GAC Ambassadors at:


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