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Thursday, January 28, 2010

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Capita's National
Maternity Services Conference
Improving Quality, Choice and Outcomes for All
Thursday 25th February 2010 - Central London

Aims & Objectives

This is a key time to reflect on progress in Maternity Services. To what extent did we meet the vision and commitments set out in the Operating Framework, Maternity Matters and the National Service Framework’s maternity standard by the end of 2009? What can we do to sustain and improve services in 2010 and beyond?
Capita’s National Maternity Services Conference provides the latest Government policy and examines national good practice for all Maternity Services leaders. This cross-sector forum brings together professionals from a range of services including Midwifery, Teenage Pregnancy, Mental Health, Children’s Centres, Quality, Commissioning and Public Health. It looks at strategy, planning and implementation of targeted and holistic services. Sessions explore how we can further drive up expectations and standards for women, how vulnerable groups can best be supported and health inequalities reduced.

Key issues addressed include:
Implementing holistic, wrap-around support services for mothers and families
Engaging with and providing for the most vulnerable groups
Safeguarding children and the CAF process
The Children’s Centre / Midwifery interface
Upskilling and safeguarding the workforce
Providing World Class care to all

Attend this timely conference to hear and discuss how you can develop and deliver more effective Maternity Services. Share your experiences and learn from peers across the country. Promote equality in care, and provide better quality, choice and outcomes for all women and families in your area.

Benefits of Attending

Hear Government policy, strategy and guidance for Maternity Services delivery in 2010 and beyond
Explore the experiences of Maternity Services leaders from across the country, share challenges and discuss solutions
Consider new ways to engage and support teenage parents
Benefit from a closer look at mental health provision and maternity pathways
Look at robust safeguarding procedures and how to make the CAF process effective nationwide
Identify obstacles and solutions to delivering Midwifery services in Children’s Centre settings
Examine the developing role and skills of the Midwife and Maternity Services workforce
Learn how you can better prepare and protect Maternity Services staff, improving their personal safety in all settings

Jenny McLeish
Strategic Coordinator
National Teenage Pregnancy Midwifery Network
Julie Juliff
Maternity and Children’s Services Commissioning Manager
Hertfordshire County Council
Gordon Jeyes
Deputy Chief Executive – Children and Young People
Cambridgeshire County Council
Denise Burke
Head of Youth and Childcare
London Development Agency
Kaela Francioli
Maden Community and Children’s Centre
Louise Silverton
Deputy General Secretary
Royal College of Midwives

For conference brochure please follow the link:

For more information please contact Joanna Edwards on 020 7202 0526 or email

Maternity Services Conference » Health »

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