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Friday, January 29, 2010

The January 2010 update from the National Center for PTSD

News relevant to the issues of trauma and PTSD

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Earthquake in Haiti:

On January 12th a massive earthquake struck in Haiti. The Red Cross estimates 3 million Haitians have been affected and recovery efforts will be longstanding. The National Center for PTSD provides the Psychological First Aid Manual and other disaster-related resources. See for a relevant list, including materials in Creole from the National Child Traumatic Stress Network.

Ethnocultural Issues related to Trauma and PTSD:

Culture and ethnicity impact how a person responds to trauma and how PTSD is experienced. Ethnocultural issues also have implications for treatment. The National Center for PTSD has produced award winning videos to help educate Veterans, the public, and providers about these important issues.

The Center also provides the Wounded Spirits, Ailing Hearts Online Manual, created to help practitioners understand the unique needs present when dealing with a specific ethnocultural group, in this case, Native Americans.

It is important that providers take into account historical, cultural, and societal issues, as well as their personal beliefs and biases that may facilitate and/or hinder the therapeutic process. Providers can learn about ethnocultural implications for treatment and earn continuing education credits from PTSD 101. This online curriculum includes courses on:

· Cross Cultural Considerations

· Older Veterans

· African-American Veterans

· Hispanic Veterans

· Asian American & Pacific Islander Veterans

Research Study Feature:

Cognitive Processing Therapy and Telemental Health with Rural Pacific Island Combat Veterans with PTSD

Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) is an effective treatment for PTSD. CPT is being provided at most VA Medical Center’s across the U.S. This research study is underway at the Center’s Pacific Islands Division. The goal of this project is to evaluate the effectiveness of using video-teleconferencing to provide CPT group therapy to rural Veterans of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan who are suffering from PTSD. Use of this type of technology will help provide better access to needed care for Veterans who live distant from facilities.

New Research Quarterly RQ Vol. 20(4):

The Impact of Disasters and Political Violence on Mental Health in Latin America

RQ Vol. 20(4) (PDF), by Fran Norris, PhD


Search for archived issues of the PTSD Research Quarterly.

PTSD in the News:

Morphine shows promise against posttraumatic stress disorder

Studies find that troops who got the powerful painkiller when injured were about 50% less likely to develop PTSD than those who didn't. The findings offer hope for preventive treatment. Read more

About the National Center for PTSD: 20 years of progress:

Learn about the educational products the Center provides for Veterans, clinicians, and the general public from our special Anniversary Section as we celebrate this landmark.

Real Stories of Veterans Dealing with PTSD:

Share in Navy Veteran Paul Middleton’s experience dealing with PTSD in Facing Bad Memories at 'The Wall'...and Moving On. Watch a short video demonstrating exposure therapy for this Veteran while aboard the USS Laffey. Learn more about Prolonged Exposure Therapy.

Treatment in the Community for Military Personnel:

Non-profit urges mental health providers to 'Give an Hour' for the military. Read moreGive an Hour is an organization that recruits mental health care providers to donate an hour per week to returning troops and their extended families.

Upcoming Conferences:

Conference: Complexities and Challenges of PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

July 16-17 – Boston, MA

Health care providers treating Veterans and family members are encouraged to attend to enhance your diagnostic assessment skills for PTSD and TBI.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder Conference

March 6th – Baltimore, MD

The  Anxiety Disorders Association of America’s annual conference will be held this March.


We extend our gratitude to all persons and organizations who are supporting recovery efforts in Haiti. Our thoughts go out to the people of Haiti who are dealing with recovering from this disaster.


The Staff of the National Center for PTSD

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