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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mmegi Online :: Understanding 'postpartum psychosis' in new mothers

Staff Writer

After finishing her tertiary education, she got a good job at a bank in Gaborone and soon after she met Tumelo, a dashing young man and the two fell madly in love. Two years down the line, Dineo falls pregnant and the young couple is happy at the prospect of having a child. Although they are not yet married, the child is planned and both Dineo and Tumelo are looking forward to having the baby since they can afford it.

One day, Tumelo leaves Dineo who is on maternity leave behind, to go to work. When he comes back home in the evening he finds a crowd of people, including the police, outside his house. As he rushes forward to investigate what is happening, a police officer pulls him aside and tells him something terrible has happened to Dineo and the baby.

"We suspect that your girlfriend delivered the baby in your absence and killed it," the officer says curtly…

Mmegi Online :: Understanding 'postpartum psychosis' in new mothers

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