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Monday, January 25, 2010

Phlebotomy Technician Schools » 50 Foods Every Pregnant Woman Should Eat

Carolyn Friedman

Most people are already very familiar with the foods that pregnant women must avoid – alcohol, excess caffeine, raw seafood, and the like – but few take pause to think about what they should consume. Experts generally recommend that pregnant women stick with the portions recommended by the USDA’s Food Pyramid guidelines, with specific boosts to certain nutrients such as iron, folic acid, fiber, Vitamin C, protein, calcium, Vitamin A, magnesium, and a few others. These extremely valuable substances help both mother and child healthy and safe by promoting blood flow, building tissues in the brain and other organs, fortifying the immune system, strengthening bones and teeth, allowing for better vitamin absorption, and numerous other benefits. The following foods ought to find their way into a pregnancy diet, even if some of them must be ingested in moderation or within certain parameters.

These are, of course, merely suggestions. The best way for a pregnant woman to figure out what dietary path is right for her always has been and always will be consultation with a healthcare professional. Doctors and nurses are far better equipped to dispense advice based on a woman’s age, possible food restrictions, and overall health, as pregnancies and those experiencing them differ from instance to instance…

Phlebotomy Technician Schools » 50 Foods Every Pregnant Woman Should Eat

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