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Friday, November 27, 2009

The Citizen: Horror hospital probe



JOHANNESBURG - The North West Legislature voted unanimously to investigate the “traumatic treatment” of Faiza Booysen at a Klerksdorp hospital.

Booysen’s son, Lemeel, was decapitated and his arms were torn off during childbirth, after the hospital induced labour. The hospital says this is because Lemeel was already dead, and had begun decomposing inside his mother’s womb.

Booysen believes her baby was still alive when she went into labour, and says hospital staff told her to “push, because the baby is getting tired”.

She claims medical staff sat on her stomach to aid the birth process, while others pulled at the baby.

A caesarean section had been scheduled for November 18, but normal birth was brought on when staff “discovered the baby was already dead”.

The hospital earlier told Beeld that natural birth is the preferred delivery method in cases where the foetus dies in the womb – as this supposedly spares the mother the trauma of surgery.

Lemeel’s head and arms were later stitched back onto his body to give the dead foetus “the dignity it deserves”, and so the family could “bury a complete body”.

The family were never offered any counselling, despite the Democratic Alliance (DA) formally requesting the North West Health Department to ensure this…

The Citizen: Horror hospital probe

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