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Thursday, November 5, 2009

ICAN e-News November 2009

In the news

40% of Bulgarian Women Prefer Cesareans

The "Naturally" Association associates this high statistic with the "psychological disposition...that the natural birth is extremely painful." Read Full Article.

Malta's Cesarean Rate is at 28.3%

The Malta Independent interviews midwife Sharon Vella to discuss the high rate of cesarean in the country. Vella encourages natural delivery: "Inducing a birth before it’s meant to happen might complicate matters. Women need to be aware of the pain after a C-section. A natural birth works wonders for both mother and baby." Read Full Article.

Maternal Mortality Across the World: America

The BBC examines maternal mortality in different regions of the world. From the US, Jim Scythes shares the story of his wife's death after undergoing a cesarean. Dr. Bill McCool of the University of Pennsylvania discloses that "Surgery of any kind has risk,"... and a C-section is, "still the riskiest way to have a baby." Read Full Article.

In the research

Does Information Available at Admission for Delivery Improve Prediction of Vaginal Birth after Cesarean?

Study takes into consideration not only information gathered at the first prenatal visit, but also information gathered close to delivery to predict VBAC success. The model developed "does appear to provide a more accurate prediction," but the "decision depends upon [the woman's] own weighing of the risks and benefits" of a VBAC. Read Full Article.

Pregnancy outcomes of repeat cesarean section in Peking Union Medical College Hospital

A Peking Union Medical College Hospital survey evaulated maternal and neonatal outcomes of repeat cesareans. They conclude that repeat cesareans are associated with "more complicated surgery technique and increased frequency of maternal morbidity." Read Full Article.

Incision type related to infection rate

A comparison of the Joel-Cohen or Pfannenstiel incision types indicates that while the Joel-Cohen technique is faster, it is also related to a higher rate of maternal infection. Read Full Article.

From the women of ICAN

ICAN Mother Testifies on Capitol Hill

On October 15th Peggy Robertson and Gretchen Humphries attended a Senate hearing in the Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions commitee. Peggy Robertson was a victim of insurance discrimination based on a previous cesarean. Read the story here.

Eight Years Ago Today- A Cesarean Story

ICAN's Krista Cornish Scott remembers her cesarean. Krista shares, "Eight years and I can be grateful for the woman that I am now, with a faded scar on my body but one that still burns on my heart." Read Krista's Story.

ICAN Calendars are Here!

Filled with photos of those touched by ICAN, the calendar is a beautiful daily reminder of ICAN's mission. Order yours now.

Get active!

Have you been a victim of insurance discrimination?

If you have been a victim of insurance discrimination based on a previous cesarean, ICAN needs your help! Discriminatory practices include: demands for sterilization, restriction on when you can have another pregnancy covered, higher premiums, excessively high deductibles for maternity care, and restriction on the total amount of benefits they will pay. Share your story and make a difference! Get Active!

November Webinar: Homebirth After Cesarean

This month, ICAN is hosting a webinar entitled "Homebirth After Cesarean: What the Research Does and Doesn't Say." Find out what the research really says on Sunday, November 22nd at 3:00 pm EST. This event is free to ICAN subscribers! Read more and register!

Online Support Meeting

This month's online support meeting will discuss Homebirth After Cesarean on Tuesday, November 17th at 10:00 pm EST. This is a free event. Sign up!

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