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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tell your Congressional Representatives to stand up for kids and families too and show their support by wearing the MomsRising pin!

Dear Friend,

In response to messages from MomsRising members last week, U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, primary architects of the healthcare reform plan, were the first Members of Congress to be photographed wearing the MomsRising Pacifier pin to show that they also won't be pacified until healthcare reform is done right for children and families (Click here to see their photos and others)
But just because we have head honchos on our side doesn't mean we're done yet… there's more work to do. Right now, Congress is making monumental decisions about health reform: Make sure every Member of Congress shows that they'll also stand up for affordable and comprehensive coverage for all kids and families.
By clicking the easy link above, you'll be able to send your Members of Congress a letter now asking them to wear our MomsRising pin, and to send us a quick photo of themselves wearing our pin so we can post it on our website to celebrate their support for children and families.
It only takes one minute to email a letter.
Why are we pinning down Congress? The MomsRising pins, which were delivered to all of Congress last week along with a book of MomsRising member healthcare stories, help raise awareness among elected leaders in Congress that kids and families can't be forgotten when corporate insurance lobbyists start talking. Imagine sitting around a table negotiating who's covered by healthcare reform and who's not with industry lobbyists, and then looking up to see a Congressional colleague's pin as a reminder that many need coverage who don't have a powerful lobby, i.e. kids.
Our MomsRising pins put kids in the healthcare negotiating meetings-right on the lapels of decision makers!
Health reform is getting a lot of attention, but the headlines focus on adults. Even with great public healthcare programs like Medicaid and CHIP, millions of children remain uncovered and under-insured. Congress needs to make sure all kids benefit from health reform.
We have momentum now. Let's keep pushing! Getting U.S. Senate Majority Leader Reid and Speaker of the House Pelosi to wear our pin is a huge victory; now we all need to make sure that others in Congress follow their examples and stand up for kids and families.
*Don't forget to tell your Congressional Representatives to stand up for kids and families too and show their support by wearing the MomsRising pin!
And please forward this email to your friends and family. Kids need every adult voice to speak up right now!

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