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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Mum's fight over 'vacuumed' baby - The Tribune



Tribune Staff Reporter

A MOTHER who cried out for help in childbirth at Princess Margaret Hospital had her baby sucked out of her with a vacuum in seconds leaving him disabled, she claims.

Elaine Wright, 41, told The Tribune how she endured a nine-hour labour while, she claimed, the ward nurse slept in her chair until a doctor arrived, tired and angry.

The mother-of-two had a forceps delivery with her first child in Jamaica and knew she would not be able to birth her second baby on her own.

Her medical history had been recorded at PMH and given her age and high blood pressure she believes she required a Caesarian section, but said the doctor went ahead and used a suction device without her consent to extract the baby.

The baby was born in seconds with a "an awful whooshing sound" and rushed to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) where he breathed with the aid of a ventilator for his first week of life and then remained in hospital care for a further two weeks before he could return home.

Kenneil Wright is now 14 months old and unable to roll over, sit up, or hold his head up as a healthy child of his age should.

He also suffers from seizures, for which he takes medication, and is unable to focus his eyes or see properly.

Miss Wright puts his slow development down to his traumatic birth…

Mum's fight over 'vacuumed' baby  - The Tribune

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