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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pregnancy: New Conceptions - The East Hampton Star - To Your Health


…The downside of C-section is bigger than you might think. First, there are the obvious surgical risks. Obstetricians must obtain informed consent for the surgery, but due to the current health care system, pregnant women have very little time to talk to their obstetrician about what a Caesarean will actually mean. Often, the woman’s fears, preferences, and concerns are not addressed.

    Women are usually informed of the risks of hemorrhage, infection, and the rare need to do a hysterectomy should something go wrong with the C-section. They often are not told about the increased risk of chronic pelvic pain, that they will be 50 percent less likely to be able to conceive again, or that they can generally deliver only by C-section in the future.

    In addition, it is healthy for the baby to pass through the birth canal, in order to be inoculated with multiple bacteria as an early challenge to the immune system. Caesarean babies have more breathing difficulties and resistance to breastfeeding. All told, the choice of elective Caesarean section is not an obvious one…

Pregnancy: New Conceptions - The East Hampton Star - To Your Health

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