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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Letters: Patient's safety at stake | The Jakarta Post


My wife just got out of hospital after giving birth through cesarean section on Nov. 10. We had a very bad experience.

My wife's operation was planned for Nov. 10, at RSB Permata Sarana Husada in Pamulang, at 8 p.m., but it was then delayed until about 9 p.m. Shortly after the operation started, there was a black out. According to the required SOP (Standard of Operation), the generator set should immediately turn on and provide enough electricity for the operating room.

But the generator never turned on until the time we had to go home (Nov. 13). It could be said then that there was a violation over hospital's SOP if a surgery or other high-risk actions were to be done.

Instead of turning to a proper alternative such as buying or borrowing a generator set - since there were some shops selling mini generators - some employees of the hospital tried to repair the generator and kept my bleeding wife waiting…

Letters: Patient's safety at stake | The Jakarta Post

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